On the 18th April 2018, Tai and I embarked on a 6 month trip through Europe in a campervan. Leading up to the trip, I did an enormous amount of research as to where to go, where to stay in a campervan, what is “wild camping” and could we do it, how to manage visas on a South African passport, how to get wifi in a campervan, what is black water and so much more!

I can now honestly say that I now know the answers to all of the above, and I’ll be posting about it all in due course, but I’m still not mad about the concept of black water!

Being VERY budget conscious, I vowed to wild camp wherever possible and the myriad of motorhome Facebook groups I was on, all agreed that it was possible, but no one could give me specific co-ordinates of where they had stayed. So I have decided to plot every stop along our route to make life easier for those who may follow in our footsteps. I’ll be updating the map as we go along so you can also use it to check in to see where we are.

Each place has a review and hopefully a photo, so you can see what it is like. Bear in mind though, that the prices may change. I’d love to hear your feedback if you’ve stayed in the same places.

Our planned route will be taking us through the following countries:
Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and back to the Netherlands.

We have named our little Hymer campervan, Miles McFlattery, because Flattery will get you everywhere! So join Miles, Tai and I on our adventure!

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