Description: Make your kids do their homework and learn about traveling at the same time. These travel apps for kids bring them the opportunity to learn about the world in a brand new way. Make them learn through games and easily understandable videos.

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Are worried about your kid always being on the phone or computer? Is this screen time might be damaging his or her education? Well then make their learning easier and way more interesting through travel games. Your kid will enjoy these apps and learn while having fun at the same time. To encourage him in learning you can buy him the top baby products. To know more read on.

How does this trick work?

This is not a trick; your child will develop an interest in learning through these games and the best travel apps for children.What these games do is they take a topic of learning from a subject and convey the lesson through an easily illustrated video or an engaging video game.

Different apps have their unique way of conveying the lessons to your kid. To make it work efficiently, offer your kid with a variety of travel apps for kids and see which one engages him more than the others and start encouraging him to stick to that game when traveling gets boring for him or her.

Learning while traveling:

Apps and games are not the only way to learn while traveling, talk to your kids about the places you are crossing or roads you are driving through, talk to them about the history of the place you are going to, prepare them for the things they are going to see and experience once you get there. This will require you to answer a significant amount of questions from your kid.

When you are done and they are bored with the stories, give them their favorite travel apps for kidsso that they can enjoy the rest of the travel time. Download a few of the offline appsso that your kid can enjoy them even when there is no internet connection available on the road. Travel apps that are recommended must give them lessons so that they do a little extra homework without knowing about it.

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Why would you need these apps?

During a road trip or a traveling distance, there are a lot of things that are on your mind so it is not possible to look after the kids all the time. So it is important to keep them busy in something that engages their attention and is also productive. The goal is to make them learn things without bothering you. Know about the travel apps to download that will help keep your kids busy and productive. So that you can be free enough to take care of other things.

List of the apps:

When you are planning to travel, download apps for kids.We recommend you to consider these 5 apps. These apps according to our research are the best travel apps for kids.

  1. Matific Galaxy:

It is one of the best travel apps without the internet for kids of KG to 6th standard.This game teaches and improves the mathematics skills of your children. The kids love the challenges in the game because they are not aware of the fact that they are learning math, instead they think of them as gaming challenges. It is available on Google play store and Apple app store.

The designers used “genuine gamification” that is they made math interesting by adding basic gaming elements to it. Think of it as making your child drink milk by adding chocolate health drinks to it. No more worries about the non-productive screen time of your kids. Once they get hooked to this game, it will become impossible to make them stop playing.

  1. Duolingo Kids:

This is a very scientific app that utilizes your kid’s capability to learn new languages fast at an early age of brain development. This happens because younger kids form new neural connections faster than adults. They even learn the native accents of the languages. It is designed for babies to kids in 5th standard,

All the science apart, your kid will enjoy this game while traveling. It has a good gamified way of teaching new languages. It is a lot of fun because it has several levels, it gifts crowns on success and can be played with friends. It can be found on Apple app store and

  1. Eggy Games:

This is one of the best travel apps for kids during road trips.The Eggy games provide you with categorized games for kids of all ages. It is an excellent way of killing time.


●     Mathseeds Play & Learn


●     The Eggsperts Appisodes

●     Eggy Word Snap

●     Eggy Alphabet

●     Eggs Phonics

●     Eggy Vocabulary

●     Eggy Numbers

●     Eggy Nursery Rhymes

●     Eggy Words


●     Eggy Subtract to 20

●     Eggy Animal Stories

●     Targeting Maths

●     Eggy Add to 20

●     Eggy Time


●     Eggy Times Tables

●     Eggs Numbers to 100


●     Spelling Games

You can get the games on Google play store, Apple app store, and Amazon apps. The apps are for kids of up to 12 years of age.

  1. Tiny Tap:

This is one of the best travel apps for kids during flights. Here you get over 150,000 educational games, all designed by teachers themselves. This app converts screen time into a productive learning experience with e-books, soundboards, games, puzzles, quizzes, interactive presentations, digital textbooks, classroom activities, photo albums, and many more!

  1. Khan Academy:

This is a learning app that provides online classes and video illustrations of thousands of topics from hundreds of subjects. This app is useful for students of any age. This is one of the best learning apps for students. It is available on Google play store and Apple app store.


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Now that you know about the best travel apps for kids, you will have a good time on long roads with kids. Just keep an eye out that they are not getting addicted to the games and the apps. Make their travel experience fun too. If you have any other apps on your mind, please let us know in the comments.

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