Fridge Fiasco!! Our fridge has gone on the blink again! The gas sounds like it is lighting, but the ignitor switch keeps flashing. The girl at the tourist office in Kotor suggested we try asking at a petrol station, so we asked the one just up the road. As happens in these situations, you get passed from one person to the next and in this case, it took 3 stops before we found someone willing to even have a look.

His shop had an array of gas bottles outside so it looked promising. He also offered to manoeuvre Miles from out of the little alleyway so he could park it in front of his shop. I willingly handed over the keys, so grateful to have someone else behind the wheel for a change!

After a little fiddling, we ascertained that the gas was igniting so deduced there might be an electrical issue with the switch. We waited about 30minutes while he tried to get hold of a friend, but no luck so he gave us the name of an auto electrical place to try. It was near Budva, so we would stop there the next day.

I was all smiles and feeling confident that the suggested place would be able to help, but without even looking at Miles, we were directed to another auto repair shop 200m down the road. No sorry. they couldn’t help either. They didn’t know any electricians and no they didn’t have any other solutions for me! Try the place 100m up the road. Right!

Yay, this guy is actually taking the time to walk over to Miles so I can explain the problem. Ahh no, I must try 100m down the road.

Does anyone speak English? No. Yes, I am a tourist from Belgrade just fetching my car, I can translate for you. Have you tried the place 100m up the road? Yes. And the one 100m from there? Yes. And the one 200m from there? Yes. Hmmmm…

I suddenly realised the issue. These were all auto-electricians and I needed just a normal electrician. Opposite us was a Light shop, so I ran over to see if they knew an electrician. A quick phone call and I was told the electrician would be with me in 30minutes. And he was!

Fabulous Dragan came to our rescue and what is more, the issue ended up not being electrical, but rather the thermostat for the gas had shifted and wasn’t connecting correctly. An hour and €30 later. we were in tip-top shape and on the road again!

My experience so far has been that auto-mechanics and car service shops are never prepared to help, but find anyone else and whether they know what they are doing or not, they will give it their best shot in trying to assist. I am so grateful for meeting these wonderful people who have helped us along the way.

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