The town of Bled is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Slovenia and with good reason. This beautiful town is nestled on the slopes of the majestic Julian Alps with breathtaking views across the glacial Lake Bled. Famous for its church on a little island in the middle of the lake and the medieval castle perched high above the town. Feed the swans, hike the mountain trails, take a boat trip and eat the famous Bled cake, among many other things to do in Lake Bled.

Getting to Lake Bled

Lake Bled was about 20km from where we were staying in Bohinjska Bistrica and very much uphill. The narrow road was very busy with crazy drivers, so with a bike ride being out of the question, we opted for the bus. We had also had a very active few days riding around Lake Bohinj and going up Mount Vogel so some quiet strolling around the beautiful lake was just what we needed while we checked out all the things to do in Lake Bled.

The bus cost €3 and dropped us right in the very heart of Bled town. From here we followed the narrow roads upwards towards the Bled Castle.  It was a gorgeous hot day, the sun was out and the lake sat shimmering before us.

Things to do in Lake Bled

Bled Castle

We started by climbing up to Bled Castle, from where we had a panoramic view over the lake and the town. The Castle had different little rooms, all with interesting things going on. In the bee room, we got to taste different flavoured honey – the ginger was my favourite. Another room had an old printing press where a man was demonstrating the printing on parchment paper and adding a wax seal. They had a picture on the wall of the man who printed the first book in Slovenia and Tai suddenly realised that it was the same man as on the one Euro coin! Higher up in the castle was a museum where we watched a fascinating video on how the glacier formed the whole valley and created the lakes. All in all just another day in the life of a Worldschooler!

The entrance fee to the castle was €11 for adults and €6 for kids.

Bled Straža Toboggan

We wanted to go on the toboggan run, but it just happened to be closed on the day we were there, which was a bummer. The sledding is open from Spring to Autumn and the route takes adrenaline junkies down the Straža ski slope. The views from the slopes are stunning, looking out over Lake Bled and Bled Castle.

Things to do in Lake Bled: Bled Castle and Lake Bled

Feed the Ducks and Swans

We wandered around town, bought some borek (spinach and cheese phyllo pastry pies) and had a picnic on the grass by the lake. Tai fed the ducks while some swans elegantly glided by. It was glorious and relaxing with the sun on our faces.

Things to do in Lake Bled: Feed the swans

Take a Photo in the Heart

A tacky tourist attraction but somehow we all feel compelled to make use of, is the big red heart, in which to have your photo taken. Go on – you know you want to!

Things to do in Lake Bled: Take a photo in the heart

Eat a Cream Cake

The town of Bled is very famous for its cream cake and everywhere you go you’ll see cafes and restaurants advertising this specialty. The original recipe was from the Park Hotel. It’s a gorgeous setting on the terrace overlooking Lake Bled and at €6 for coffee and a slice, it should be fabulous!

Things to do in Lake Bled: Eat a cream cake

Wander the Trail around the Lake

There is a 6km trail around the Lake, which is perfect for a walk or a cycle. We followed the path along the North, passing underneath Bled Castle on our way to the train station. We stopped often to enjoy the view and watch the birdlife.  There was gorgeous little jetty with rowing boats available to hire.

Things to do in Lake Bled: Hike to trail around the lake Things to do in Lake Bled: Hike to trail around the lakeThings to do in Lake Bled: Hike to trail around the lake

Relax in the Sun and Swim

At the far North-Western corner, there were large floating platforms stretching out into the lake with lots of people sunbathing and swimming. There was a fabulous view across to Bled’s most recognizable symbol, Bled island with the Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Maria. 

Things to do in Lake Bled: Church on Bled Island Things to do in Lake Bled: Jetty in the sun

Ride the Graffiti Train

We then walked a short way up the hill to the train station. There was no ticket office – you pay on the train – and no timetable to be found, so we just relaxed and waited. About 30minutes later the train arrived, only three carriages long and covered in very funky graffiti. The cost of the train ride was €1.70. The train rode through the valley giving me the opportunity to sit back and enjoy the view and what a stunning view it was.  I loved the train ride back to Bohinjska Bistrica.

Things to do in Lake Bled: Ride the graffiti train


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8 Best Things to do in Lake Bled


8 Best Things to Do in Lake Bled in Slovenia

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