Still, in the Bohinj Valley, but a little further away than a bike ride would allow, we went to see Slap Savica. A slap in Slovenian is a waterfall and Slap Savica is the best in the area, so off we set in Miles, to go and explore.

The road getting there was an adventure in itself! Tiny winding roads and hairpin bends in amongst the forest on the mountain, with a sheer drop on our right and oncoming cars to navigate past. Nerves of steel were required, but we made it! At least there was a big carpark so finding a place to park Miles was easy.

There are two restaurants at the car park, so you need to start walking a little way up along the river to get to the ticket office. The entrance fee was €3 for an adult and €1.50 per child.

Apparently, there are 500 stairs to climb, but I was so busy loving our surroundings that I didn’t count, so I’ll have to take their word for it. It only took us about 25 minutes to the top but we were going at quite a pace.

You could hear the water thundering past the whole way up and every now and again you’d catch a glimpse of the aquamarine coloured water flowing through the ravine.

At the top, there was a nice wooden viewing platform and stairs leading down to the waterfall where got nicely wet from the spray.

Although not the hugest waterfall we’ve seen, the walk up was beautiful.

We then drove to the other end of Lake Bohinj to the village of Stara Fuzina, where we parked Miles and set off for another hike, this time up Monstrica Gorge.

The trail is usually 5km long, but recent storms had caused damage, so we could only go about 3km. The gorge, made by a glacier more than 3000 years ago, was incredibly narrow and ever so deep, but the most amazing thing was the turquoise colour of the water bursting up from the depths.

The very saddest thing though – my phone decided to go on the blink and all the photos I took of the gorge didn’t save properly, so I have nothing to show you.

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