Fazana is a teeny little village on the West Coast of the Istrian Peninsula about 15 minutes drive from Pula and far from the maddening crowds. This low-key tourist town is the perfect place to come to relax and unwind.

Things to do in Fazana

Wander the narrow streets of the medieval old town and visit the church of St Elys from the 6th century and the church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel from the 14th century. Stroll along the seaside promenade while eating gelato or watch the sun setting over the boats bobbing in the harbour. There are pebble beaches a few minutes walk on either side of the town centre and a “Children’s beach” which has shallow access to the sea.

Fazana is the embarkation point for boat trips to the Brijuni Islands National Park, so you will find a few tour operators touting for business along the promenade. They offer a variety of different length boat rides and fishing trips.

Fazana is an active fishing port and is known for its excellent seafood and Istrian cuisine. Choose from the numerous restaurants alongside the port where you can also enjoy wines from the local vineyards.

We were staying 1km away at Kemping Bi-Village, which can only be described as a village, as this was a campsite on steroids! There was a lovely promenade along the sea, so we could easily ride to Fazana, which we did.


We were waiting to hear about getting a replacement part for Miles McFlattery, our campervan. Everyone had told us that if we headed any further South, we would never find the part or someone to fix Miles, so although we were in a great place, I was super stressed. After much emailing and phoning with the help of the guy at the camping shop, we managed to locate the part and someone to fix Miles. So off we set through little back roads, to a tiny village where Mario became our saviour!

So many little things had broken since we started our journey and within an hour Mario had everything working and for the first time since we collected Miles, we had running water!! The relief was immense and suddenly the future looked much brighter again!


We stayed at Kemping Bi-Village. It is an enormous camping village with 800 camping sites, plus a variety of mobile homes, glamping tents and houses. There was a supermarket, hairdresser, five or six shops, three swimming pools, a nightly disco for the kids and more! We even had our own beach! Huge plots with lots of trees for shade.
We paid €17 + 6 Kuna tourist tax.
7km bicycle ride to Pula and 1km to Fazana town
GPS: 44.91673, 13.80995

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A travel guide to Fazana, a coastal town in Croatia Things to do in Fazana a coastal town in Croatia
Fazana is a picturesque coastal town on the Istrian Peninsula in Croatia. Fazana is a great day trip from Pula as its only minutes away. It has fabulous beaches and restaurants dotting the promenade. Here\'s a list of things to do in Fazana. Best places to visit in the Istrian Peninsula.
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