Marvelous Mario had fixed Miles our campervan in the little village of Fuskalin, which was 30km away, so we jumped at the opportunity to see the gorgeous old town of Rovinj.

Things to do in Rovinj

Boat Trip to Lim Fjord

Our route took us past a beautifully scenic sunken karst canyon valley with the stunning Lim Fjord meandering along the bottom. We pulled over to take a photo and quickly got snagged by a local roadside vendor. She was hilarious, giving us tasters of cheese, cured meats and spoonfuls of honey. We’ve got enough lavender honey to keep us going for the next year!

You can easily take a boat trip to Lim Fjord from Rovinj Port or it is also possible to hike there.

Things to do in Rovinj: Lim FjordThings to do in Rovinj: Lim Fjord

Explore the Old Town of Rovinj

Arriving in Rovinj, we found a place on the outskirts of town to park the campervan, unhitched our bikes and off we set for the old town. The atmosphere in Rovinj was electric – a tangle of narrow cobbled streets, colourful buildings, geraniums and lemon trees spilling out of window boxes, restaurants down every alley and marvelous views from the top of the hill.

We found a place to lock and leave the bikes and meandered our way through the alleyways. The old towns are always set atop a hill, so with steep alleyways, stairs and hordes of tourists, the bikes aren’t always the best.

Climb up the Tower of St Euphemia

Wandering the labyrinth of little cobbled streets, we wended our way up to the church of St Euphemia. Perched right on top of the hill, the towering steeple can be seen for miles around and we could climb up it!

Tai’s vertigo is getting worse the older he gets, so one look at the staircase going up and he decided to sit this one out. If the possibility of an incredible view hadn’t been beckoning, I would have sat it out as well. Let’s just say it was terrifying! The steps were so narrow that my feet didn’t seem to fit on them, not to mention that all the years of wear and tear had worn the front of the steps so that they slanted downwards. My legs felt like jelly by the time I got back down, but oh boy were the views worth it!

If heights are not your thing, don’t worry, the views from the in front of the church are still magnificent. There were lots of people hanging out on the surrounding walls, enjoying the view and if you’re lucky like us, you may even have a busker playing the saxophone to accompany the relaxing mood.

Picturesque Port

Down at the port, Tai entertained the crowds with his crazy bicycle riding antics while I tried to capture the colorful houses on camera. Dominating the skyline of the portside square is the Old Clock Tower, which once formed part of Rovinj’s most Southern defenses and had a one-cell prison below.

Things to do in Rovinj: Rovinj Port Things to do in Rovinj: Rovinj Port Things to do in Rovinj: Rovinj Port


We stayed at Campsite Polari. It is a huge campsite for thousands of campers with all sorts of facilities. Sadly we arrived late and left early en-route to Plitvice Lakes, so we didn’t get to enjoy the site. Wifi was good.
GPS: 45.06089, 13.67258
Polari, 52210, Rovinj, Croatia

Things to do in Rovinj, a medieval town in Croatia A travel guide to Rovinj in Croatia A travel guide to Rovinj, a medieval town in Croatia
Things to Do in Rovinj

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