Montenegro is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and definitely one to add to your travel bucket list.  We were fortunate enough to spend almost a month traveling around Montenegro, exploring all there is to see. Here is our list of 13 stunning places to visit in Montenegro.

Nestled between Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo and Albania lies the gem of the Adriatic Sea – Montenegro. This tiny country is one of the youngest in Europe having only gained independence from Yugoslavia in 2006. Montenegro may be small but it packs a mighty tourism punch. From mountains and canyons to fjord-like bays to stunning beaches, whatever your heart desires, Montenegro has. Let us show you all the best places to visit in Montenegro.

During our month traveling in Montenegro, we drove through the second longest canyon in the world, the Tara River Canyon. We ziplined across the canyon, white water rafted down the Tara River, we explored the Ostrog monastery, we lazed on the beaches, we hiked up the Kotor city walls, we saw incredible birdlife at Lake Skadar, but most of the time we were spellbound by the incredible beauty of this charming country.

Montenegro is not yet on many tourists map, but with its breathtaking beauty, sparkling clear blue waters, friendly people and cheap prices, Montenegro is set to become one of Europe’s travel hot spots very soon.

We traveled around Montenegro for a month in our campervan, which allowed us to stop wherever we wanted and explore some wonderful off the beaten Montenegro places. I would highly recommend that you hire a car so that you too can find most beautiful places in Montenegro. Find the best car rental deals here.

There are so many incredible places to visit in Montenegro, so make sure that you allocate enough days to your Montenegro holiday, so you have enough time to cover all the things to do in Montenegro.

Best places to visit in Montenegro: Bay of Kotor

Below is a list of the best places to visit in Montenegro. They have been separated into the following areas for your ease: Bay of Kotor, South Coast, Central Region and Northern Region.

Best Places in Montenegro – The Bay of Kotor

Some of the most beautiful places in Montenegro can be found alongside the waters edge on the Bay of Kotor. The old town of Kotor is one of the most beautiful cities in Montenegro, while the sleepy, relaxed atmosphere in Perast while restore your soul and allow you to truly unwind.


Best places to visit in Montenegro: Kotor

The Kotor Old Town is the most popular destination in Montenegro and is fast becoming the hot spot of the Adriatic Sea. It is known as the City of Cats due to the numerous furry bundles roaming the streets. Stop and give them a tickle while wandering the cobbled streets or pop into the Cat Museum for something completely different.

This is still a living city with laundry hanging from the upper stories and locals hanging out in the cafes. The Old Town is the perfect place to wander aimlessly down the alleyways, as its so small its impossible to get lost. If you want to know all about the amazing history contained within these walls, we recommend this tour.

The most popular activity in Kotor is to hike the City Walls which affords you breathtaking views over the Bay of Kotor. Across the bay is the Vrmac Peninsula with an easier hike and just as stunning views. Stay on this side of the bay until dusk to see the lights on the Kotor City Walls creating a halo effect around the town.  Read our article on hiking the Kotor City Walls.

Check out accommodation options in Kotor here.


Best places to visit in Montenegro: Perast

A mere 15 minutes along the bay from Kotor is the picturesque town of Perast. Away from the cruiseliners crowds of Kotor, this peaceful little town is the perfect place to relax. Situated on the water there is a pedestrian promenade with restaurants looking out over the water. You can take a boat trip to Our Lady of the Rocks, wander the little alleyways of the town or visit some of the churches in the town. Read our article on Picturesque Perast.

Check out accommodation options in Perast here.

Best Places to Visit Montenegro – The South Coast

If you’re looking for a beachy vibe along a pristine coast of aquamarine water, then the South Coast is the place for you. It’s one of the top places to visit in Montenegro, so can get pretty busy in season.  If kite surfing is your passion, then Ulcinj is the place to visit in Montenegro. Hundreds of colourful kites fill the sky each day, making it just as enjoyable for the spectators as it is for the participants.  Bubbling, booming Budva is one of the top destinations in Montenegro. Loved for its lazy beach days and its roaring nightlife.


Best places to visit in Montenegro: Budva

Budva in Summer is party central with incredible laser shows and music till all hours. The streets are filled with bikini clad bodies and good luck finding a parking place! While the new town is full of young revelers, the Old Town of Budva is worth a stop. The Budva Riviera is known for its fabulous beaches, so make sure to head North along the coast to find the beach that suits you best.

Check out accommodation options in Budva here.


Best places to visit in Montenegro: Sveti Stefan

Sveti Stefan is an old fishing village, perched on a tiny island and separated from the mainland by a narrow walkway. Accessible only to the rich and famous, so, for now, us lesser beings will need to just gaze longingly at this private kingdom. It’s also probably why it is said to be the most photographed place in all of Montenegro. The beach to the left is privately owned but for €85 you can hire a sun lounger for the day! The beach to the right is open to the public and it goes without saying, the sun loungers are cheaper this side.

If you’re on a budget you can easily do Sveti Stefan as a day trip. The Great Montenegro Full Day Tour includes a stop at Sveti Stefan. Check out the tour price here.


Best places to visit in Montenegro: Stari bar

Stari Bar, the old town of Bar, sits perched high up in the hills with some dramatic views out over the countryside and the Adriatic Sea. Decades of wars, explosions and earthquakes have left the town in ruins, but with recent restoration works, life is slowly creeping back into this beautiful old town. Read our article on Stari Bar.

Don’t forget to stop in at the oldest olive tree in the world, Stara Maslina. At an estimated 2243 years old, it sure has stood the test of time.


Best places to visit in Montenegro: Ulcinj

A paragliders slice of heaven! The extremely long beach to the South of the old town gets the perfect winds for paragliding and the air was filled with hundreds of these colourful parachutes while we were there.  The main beach in Ulcinj can get really busy, but if you walk to the left or right, you’ll find lovely other bays in which to swim. Ulcinj also has a historical old town bursting with history.  If you’re heading to Albania, then Ulcinj will be on your way.

Montenegro Best Places – The Central Region

HorseShoe Bend on Lake Skadar is one of the best spots in Montenegro, with its unsurpassed scenery and views over the lake.


Best places to visit in Montenegro: Lake Skadar

Lake Skadar is the largest lake in Southern Europe, straddling the border with Albania. The lake is teeming with wildlife, birds, monasteries and beaches. The town of Virpazar is the main departure point for the boat trips on Skadar Lake. It is a small and bustling little village with lots of accommodation options and restaurants. You can climb up to the Besac Fortress, do a boat trip or hire bicycles and take a leisurely ride alongside the lake. There is even a beach nearby. Read about our boat trip on Lake Skadar.

On the opposite side of the lake from Virpazar is the famous Horseshoe Bend. This is best accessed from the road between Podgorica and Cetinje. It may be a little tricky getting there in typical off the beaten track Montenegro style, but the view is something that should not be missed. Read how to get to Horseshoe Bend.

Check out accommodation options in Virpazar here.


Best places to visit in Montenegro: Ostrog Monastery

Intricately carved into a sheer rock face, high up on a mountain, sits the Ostrog Monastery, this is one of the best places to see in Montenegro. A sermon was in progress when we arrived and the priest’s melodious incantations were floating through the loudspeakers. We sat in reverential silence looking out over the panoramic view of the valley below. It was peaceful and perfect!

The road from Niksic to Ostrog Monastery is very narrow becoming single lane in various places and lots of tight bends. The road from Danilovgrad to Ostrog has just been built and is wider and much better, so I’d highly recommend this route, especially if you’re in a campervan. Read more in our article – Road Trip from Bosnian Border to Ostrog Monastery


The capital city of Montenegro is the start or end point for many tourists due to the main airport being here. I didn’t hear about anything remarkable in the city and on our drive, it just appeared as another big, uninspiring city, so we didn’t stop. It would be a good base for a day trip to the Ostrog Monastery or to the Pavlova Strana Viewpoint to see Horseshoe Bend.  In our opinion Podgorica is not best city in Montenegro and with so many incredibly beautiful places Montenegro, we think you can give Podgorica a skip.


Best places to visit in Montenegro: Lake Slano

The city of Niksic lies almost in the centre of the country and if you are traveling up to the North, you will inevitably pass through it. I’m not sure it’s worth an overnight stop, but the centre has been pedestrianised with lots of shops and restaurants, so perhaps worth a stop to have a stroll.  Lake Slano lies just a few kilometers, outside the city of Niksic and on a hot day it is a great place to have a dip. We encountered lots of locals swimming in its clear waters.

Best Places Montenegro – The Northern Region


Best places to visit in Montenegro: Pluzine

There is not much to do in this sleepy town, but the colour of the Piva River will take your breath away! You can take a boat trip on the Piva Lake or do the scenic albeit somewhat hairy drive through the 70 odd tunnels to Scepan Polje. There are numerous hikes around Pluzine and this is the starting point for the most scenic road trip imaginable – Pluzine to Zabljak – through the Durmitor National Park. The colour of the water and the little town surely make Pluzine the most beautiful place in Montenegro. Read our full post on this epic road trip.

Check out accommodation options in Pluzine here.


Best places to visit in Montenegro: Scepan Polje

If you’re an adrenalin junkie, then Scepan Polje is the place for you! This is white water rafting central with numerous whitewater rafting companies to choose from. The trip down the river will be gentle and relaxing in some parts, becoming a wild, thrashing washing machine in other parts. If you don’t have time to stay overnight there are daily white water rafting tours leaving from Kotor.  Click here for more info.

The Tara River here forms the border with Bosnia & Herzegovina so if you are needing to cross the border, this is the place to do it. Scepan Polje may be far to get to but we’d highly recommend you add it to your places to go in Montenegro!


Best places to visit in Montenegro: Zabljak

Zabljak is an adventurers paradise. Located within the Durmitor National Park, there are a plethora of activities available from hikes, mountain bike trails and skiing in winter. Zabljak should be on everyone’s list of Montenegro towns to visit. A few minutes from the centre of town is the beautiful glacial Black Lake with the Medjed mountain peak dramatically rising above it. Read about our hike around the Black Lake.

One of the most popular hikes is up to the highest peak in Montenegro, Bobotuv Kuk. If that sounds a bit strenuous, there are numerous hikes you can choose to do in the area.

Zabljak can also be a starting point for what I consider the most scenic drive ever through the Durmitor National Park. The route takes you from Zabljak to Trsa via the Sedlo Pass Route. From Trsa the road descends through some crazy tunneled serpentine bends down to Pluzine and the stunning Piva Lake. Read about our drive on the Sedlo Pass.

Zabljak is also a good base from which to explore the Tara River Canyon. It is the second longest canyon in the world and is truly spectacular. If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, don’t miss zip lining at the famous Tara River Bridge. Read our article on the Tara River Canyon.

Check out accommodation options in Zabljak here.

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