With great elation, we arrived in Montenegro. We had managed to enter from Kosovo using our UK visas so were feeling triumphant! We’d had so many obstacles thrown in our way from visas to campervan issues and we had come out the other side victorious! It was a great day and we couldn’t wait to begin our travels in Montenegro.

Our first stop was at a Camp Rubrenovik just a few minutes West of Mojkovac. The campsite was surrounded by mountains and sported a huge green lawn on which to park. The owner, Goran, met us and helped us get parked. He then took us on a tour of the farm, showing us where everything was, including the “party room”.

Mojkovac in MontenegroCamp Rebrenovic in Mojkovac in Montenegro Camp Rebrenovic in Mojkovac in Montenegro

The “party room” had black walls covered in what looked like silver glitter. There were disco lights, a glitter ball and a big DJ box stood in the corner with the words DJ Dragan stuck on. We found out later that Dragan was his 16-year-old son and this was clearly where the youngsters hung out. A flat-screen tv covered one wall, alongside a draught machine and a fridge full of drinks. There was even a small stage to the one side. We soon realised this room was a happening place. Those of us staying at the campsite had our meals served here, Tai and I did school and work here and there was a steady stream of locals popping in for beers and to watch soccer on the flat screen.

The "party room" at camp rebrenovic
Tai doing school in the “party room”

On our first morning, I asked if they had a washing machine I could use. “No Problem” replied Goran and led me to the bathroom in their house, where I popped our clothes in the machine. About 2 hours later Goran came to ask me something and I remembered the washing. “No problem,” he said again, he had already hung up all our washing. As incredibly kind as it was, I was beside myself at the thought of him hanging up my knickers!

The kindness didn’t stop there. Tai had a serious wipe out on his bicycle and I used my last bandaids on him. The next thing I knew Goran had gone into town to buy Tai more band-aids, at no charge!

And the food! The most delicious home cooking. Our first meal was pork chops with sauce and potatoes, a bowl of chopped tomato and cucumber, a plate a feta cheese and a basket of home-baked bread. We couldn’t finish it, but that wasn’t all. A few minutes later we were brought steaming mugs of chamomile tea, sponge cakes, chocolates and two bowls of cherries! You can see why we didn’t cook ourselves while we were there!

Camp Rebrenovic in Mojkovac in Montenegro Camp Rebrenovic in Mojkovac in Montenegro

While Goran’s wife cooked us some incredible meals, Goran fixed Tai’s bike and gave us clean towels and helped with all sorts of things. He poured Tai a little glass of beer with supper each evening and even brought me a hairdryer when I washed my hair! Every question or request was answered with “No problem!”  and a huge smile on his face. Their daughter was about Tai’s age and although she didn’t speak English, they managed to enjoy some time together riding bikes and playing basketball. These wonderful people had become like family and we could have stayed there forever, but the weather was really horrid while we were there and rained all day every day. It was sad to say goodbye, but we are so grateful for the care with which they looked after us.

Camp Rebrenovic in Mojkovac in Montenegro
Goran and Tai with their evening beer

The town of Mojkovac was quaint with a triangular square, Trg Ljubomira Bakoča, at the heart of the town. I got a local SIM card. 100GB for 10 Euros for one month! The two attractions that stood out for us where the stone bridge and the red church with the weird pyramid style building behind it.


We stayed at Camp Rubrenovik. This was one of the best sites we’ve stayed on due to the incredible kindness and helpfulness of the owner Goran. There are 6 cabins and a place for at least 20 campervans. The facilities include bathrooms, electric hookup, use of their personal washing machine and there is wifi in the “party room”.
10€ per night, 5€ for dinner and 4€ for breakfast. The food is excellent and very generous portions.
They also have mountain bikes to hire and hiking trails from the farm.
GPS: 42.97073, 19.53463

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Mojkovac in Montenegro

Nothing\'s a problem in Mojkovac!

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