The White Drin Waterfall is located in the Žljeb mountain in the Prokletije in the village of Radavc only 11km from Peja. The waterfall is located at the source of the Drin River where the spring of the White Drin River erupts from the mountain. You are surrounded by mountains here and along with the turquoise water, the waterfall, the river and Sleeping Beauty Cave, this is a popular spot for tourists and locals alike.

Work & Play

Through all our fabulous adventures, I sadly still need to work, so in order to continue funding our lifestyle we hunkered down at our favourite Restaurant Antika near Peja for two days of solid work. The owners and waiters became our best friends and arm wrestling became part of the daily events. There was a little zoo attached to the restaurant with reindeer, buck, geese, turkeys, dogs, goats and a stunning pure white peacock.

Peja - Antika Restaurant

Our last night was a Saturday and the restaurant was super busy when who should walk in but British Phil from the training school, who had been instrumental in helping us with our visas. He was with his family and the lady I had spent the afternoon discussing Kosovo history with, so it was a lovely reunion to see them all again.

White Drin Waterfall

On Phil’s recommendation, we stopped at the White Drin Waterfall en-route to the border. Shortly after we had started the climb up the mountain to the border with Montenegro, there was a big sign and a road to the left, which took us to a very fancy looking restaurant, Trofta E Drint. We parked up and followed the path towards the waterfall and I am so glad we did.

The waterfall was really impressive, falling into a pool of the most beautiful clear turquoise water which was unbelievably cold. I didn’t even have to feel the water, as the air next to the river was so icy that we were shivering just walking alongside it on the path. The path followed the river down to a few restaurants overlooking the river, but we decided it was too chilly so headed back up.

Sleeping Beauty Cave

At the top were signposts to a Cave, so we hiked up to the entrance. I am night blind so can’t see a thing inside caves and I really detest going inside. Over the last 1.5 years, I have been in more caves than I care to remember, most of the time being blindly led along by Tai, so when we reached the entrance I decided I was going to sit this one out. Tai, on the other hand, is an avid spelunker and is fascinated with all things crystal and rock, hence his love of caves. For some strange reason he decided not to do the cave either, so that was a bit of a waste of a hike.

Trout “without needles”

By this time our tummies were rumbling and seeing as it would be our last meal in Kosovo, we decided to treat ourselves to the fancy Trofta E Drint restaurant. The restaurant had multiple levels of pools and canals, filled with trout. You could literally pick your fish right from the water. Seated in the plushest chairs with a panoramic view over the valley and mountain, eating the most delicious trout, “without needles”, as they called deboned fish, I was very sad to be saying goodbye to this fascinating, all welcoming country.

Radac - Trout Farms and Turquoise Waterfalls Radac - Trout Farms and Turquoise Waterfalls

Kosovo Montenegro Border Crossing

Time was up though and so up, up, up and more up we went, up the serpentine road to the Kosovo Montenegro border. The last time we were here, I was in a complete state at having to leave Montenegro due to visa issues, so all fingers were crossed for a smooth crossing.

Due to the fact that there were no campsites or campervan sites in Kosovo, there had been nowhere for us to empty our chemical loo. When I say we left Kosovo with all our shit, I quite literally mean just that! So, when we got to the Kosovo border, the guard asked if I had anything to declare. I said a full toilet and one beer in the fridge. He laughed and told me to enjoy the beer!

With my heart in my mouth, we approached the Montenegro border post. I jumped out of the car with all my documents and the paper we had printed showing the visa regulations for Montenegro, which stated that I was allowed to enter on a UK visa. The guard took one look, said okay and proceeded to stamp us in on our UK visas! WOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!! I think we nearly screamed the mountain down with excitement!

The exit from Kosovo required us to drive up and over the top of the mountains. From the flatlands of Kosovo, the road took us to the top of the Dinaric Mountains via some serious hairpin bends. The view was incredible and you could almost see right across the country to Pristina on the other side.

View across Kosovo

The road between the border posts was a shocker! A steep gradient that Miles hates, sections of the road completely graded away, landslides covering the inside lane and cows!! I haven’t mentioned the drivers as they take things to a whole new level. Watching the places that they overtake is more frightening than any horror movie! We just putter along at our slow speed and watch them trying to defy death.

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Visiting the White Drin Waterfall in Radavc in Kosovo

Visit White Drin Waterfall at Radavc: Turquoise Water and Trout

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