Trekking in Sapa in Vietnam

So a quick hop across to Hanoi in Vietnam to meet up with our dear friends, Carin, Michael and their son, Bash. What an incredible spoil to be able to meet up on the other side of the earth, midway between both of our extended…

Guide to Hanoi Vietnam

Hanoi, Vietnam… a city that lives, eats, drives, sells and breathes on the streets. Grab a chair, put it on the pavement and we have a restaurant. Stick a mirror on a wall in a road and you have a barbers shop. Put some veggies on paper on the…

koh bulon le island in thailand

We found paradise!! A little discovered treasure off the tourist track. The tiny island of Koh Bulon Le with its brilliantly white beaches and aquamarine seas. You can’t help but take 100 pictures a day just of the colours of the water! Taking only…

maungmagan beach in Dawei in Myanmar -Burma

A hair-raising 4 hr trip from Mawlamyine to Dawei in a jam-packed minivan, with no air-con at 40°C, along shocking roads, with a driver who thought he was behind the wheel of a Ferrari! We didn’t need…

Hot air balloons over Bagan, Myanmar

Hot air balloons rising at sunset over stupas and temples which dot the countryside as far as the eye can see. Watching Sunsets over this magnificent landscape from the top of temples. Vibrantly coloured festival parades.